Eufora HERO For Men

Maintaining a healthy head of hair is key to preventing scalp irritation and premature hair loss. One culprit of premature hair loss is 5-Alpha Reductase, a natural enzyme that can be found in the scalp. Testosterone, a hormone naturally produced by the body, reacts with 5-Alpha Reductase and creates DHT, a hormone known to contribute to hair loss. DHT suffocates the hair follicle and prevents it from receiving vital nutrients for healthy hair growth.
The Eufora ProAmino Peptide Complex™ utilizes advanced technology to block 5-Alpha Reductase and prevent the creation of DHT. This proprietary blend of advanced skin care and botanical technology works synergistically above and below the scalp surface to reduce follicle atrophy and anchor the hair bulb to the scalp, leading to less hair fall out.
Rosebay Extract helps to reduce the 5-Alpha Reductase Enzyme, decrease sebum production on the scalp and soothe scalp irritation.