BlondMe Instant Blush - Strawberry

BlondMe Instant Blush - Strawberry

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BLONDME's Instant Blush Blonde Beautifier is a convenient and temporary leave-in or rinse out spray toner for soft results.

  • BLONDEME's Instant Blush is ideal for quick and simple temporary pastel toning, applied as a spray-on application to wet hair with no need to rinse out.
  • Balances pH & helps to close the cuticle.
  • Instant Blush Strawberry creates a soft rose blush tone.
  • Instant Blush Steel Blue can be used to apply steel blue tone or for anti-orange neutralization.
  • Instant Blush Ice can be used for softer anti-yellow neutralization or a delicate cendre¿ tone direction.
  • Instant Blush Jade creates a soft aquatic green tone.
  • Direct dye formulation for temporary color lasting up to 3 shampoos.*
  • *Longevity depending upon the hair length, porosity, shade selected and development time.